Give your sheets some character

Keep your characters safe and sound in our A5 Character Sheets. Save space on your DND table while keeping everything neat and organised. Our A5 booklets allow you to store 4 characters with all the necessary sheets you would need.

Why should you buy our booklet?

  • UK based independent company
  • Made by players for players
  • We rolled a 20 on persuasion


The booklets are excellent for those of us who like paper over digital but want to save the space regular sheets take up.

Not to mention they are extremely detailed and there is enough room for all the information I need on my characters!
Wallace | @WallaceFlawless
Clear and simple design makes finding what you need simple. It’s also a lot easier to keep tidy and to carry round than the A4 sheets as well.
Tom | @doompidgeon
These books are SO handy; really compact and efficient. I don’t like using my phone during games so apps are out, and I found the A4 sheets to be too big, flimsy and easily lost. Having it all in one aesthetically pleasing place with space for all my characters has been a dream.
Cat | @catrogersart

Rogue and Bard

Rogue & Bard is a Dungeons and Dragons accessories company set up by RJ Davies and Sam Morris. We both love playing D&D 5e and actually became friends in work due to this. A huge thank you if you choose to support us by buying this booklet. You’re supporting our little dream. We hope that it proves useful throughout your adventures. Have a suggestion? Tell us at

The legal stuff: This booklet is copyrighted by Rogue & Bard and cannot be redistributed. (Basically, don’t steal.) This booklet follows the Open-Gaming License (OGL) and additional rules set by Wizards of the Coast on distribution.

Rogue & Bard. 
For players, by players.