Give your sheets some character



Around half the size of normal sheets, they’ll take up less space in your bag and at the table, leaving you more space for maps, minis, dice, and trays.



No need for a Cleric, these books are a Bear Totem Hill Dwarf with the Tough feat. Thick paper and a thicker card cover, they are designed to withstand the erasing and rewriting of play to see you and your hero through to level 20.


Built for Play

We’ve made sure everything you need for general play is right where you want it. To minimise page-flipping we’ve grouped together commonly used and similar info into two-page spreads.

Character Booklets


Give your sheets some character. With this A5 character booklet, you can store 4 characters safely with quick ways to keep up with all your stats.

Stick to your rolls | Vinyl Stickers


Share your love of D&D and other TTPRG’s with our d20 Vinyl Stickers. Ready for your books, laptops, water bottles or whatever!

You rolled a history check

They are extremely detailed and there is enough room for all the information I need on my characters!​
Fate Forged Dice
Clear and simple design makes finding what you need simple. It’s also a lot easier to keep tidy and to carry round than the A4 sheets as well.​
These books are SO handy; really compact and efficient. I don’t like using my phone during games so apps are out, and I found the A4 sheets to be too big, flimsy and easily lost.

Character Details

Everything that makes your character unique from their alignment to their flaws, classes, and all the measurements in between. You can even note which campaign this character belongs to.​

Attributes, Skills, & Combat​

The bread and butter of gameplay at your fingertips. Whether you’re in the midst of battle or plotting your next shenanigans, whenever you roll a dice what you need is here.​

Spell List

All your spells at a glance. Note your casting stat, spells known and to prepare, spells split by slot level, with preparation markers to boot.​

Worn, Carried, & World​

How many potions did I have, and what was that guard’s name again? It’s all here in this spread.​

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