For Players, By Players

Rogue & Bard designs and distributes tools and accessories for tabletop roleplaying games.

We are an ethically minded company who are taking steps to ensure our products are as good for the planet as they are fun and useful for our customers.

The Story

Once upon a time there were three brave adventurers, a rogue, a bard and a wizard. They all toiled hard in the insurance industry and not to put too fine a point on it they weren’t huge fans. 

So one day the rogue and bard decided to go into business doing something they actually enjoyed and after a year they asked the wizard to come along for the adventure. 

This is how Rogue & Bard started and as what began as a loose-leaf ring-binder turned into our best selling character journals and from storing books in the boot of Rogue’s car to a fully fledged business with products in real life shops (!) we’re starting to think this dream could become a career for the three adventurers.

Meet the Party

Sam the Rogue

Sam has worked as a graphic designer since 2012 and played D&D since 2017.

His experience as a player and ridiculous ability to remember the rules and stats for every class and spell went into creating the first edition of our character journals that started Rogue & Bard off.

RJ the Bard

RJ has worked in marketing, videography and web design since 2010 and played D&D since 2015.

RJ believed the character journals were good enough to sell and they put in the time to convince Sam of this, without which Rogue & Bard may never have happened.

Miranda the Wizard

Miranda has worked in marketing since 2016 but played D&D since 2014.

She joined the company a bit late but no less enthusiastically and does the ‘boring’ bits which she loves and Rogue and Bard both hate, as well as creating the emails and writing things like About Us pages.