Small A5 D&D 5e Character Journal

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Give your sheets some character with the Rogue & Bard A5 Character Journal.

With this journal, you can save space at the table and get everything you need in one simple place!

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With the ability to place four D&D 5e Character Builds in the book, you’re sorted for your next few campaigns. Immortalise the characters you love to play and see them through to their end.

We’ve added simple ways to remember specific stats without the need to write them into the features, notes or extras tables.

Made from quality paper and card, this allows you to erase stats without damaging the book making these journals more user-friendly compared to your standard character sheet.

This book is made by players for players and we’ve tested this as much as we could.

(Dice not included)

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Dimensions 21 × 15 × 1 cm

8 reviews for Small A5 D&D 5e Character Journal

  1. Tom Stickler

    Clear and simple design makes finding what you need simple. It’s also a lot easier to keep tidy and to carry round than the A4 sheets as well.

  2. Alice Evans

    Handily sized and more sturdy than your average printed character sheet, with space for multiple characters. Super useful!

  3. Wallace

    The booklets are excellent for those of us who like paper over digital but want to save the space regular sheets take up, not to mention they are extremely detailed and there is enough room for all the information I need on my characters!

  4. Olivia

    A clever idea well executed. Just the thing for any RPG player who finds their dice already takes up most of their room at the table (like me).

  5. Cat

    These books are SO handy; really compact and efficient. I don’t like using my phone during games so apps are out, and I found the A4 sheets to be too big, flimsy and easily lost. Having it all in one aesthetically pleasing place with space for all my characters has been a dream.

  6. John

    In this handy sized holder, bring all of your sheets & cart your characters with style! Containing multiple spaces for different character sheets this sleek, slick & stylish binder is a definite must have for any RPG player.

  7. Rhiannon

    These books are such good quality and really well laid out. I love that I don’t have to worry about losing any sheets or my phone dying as I can have all my stuff in one place and is perfect to just throw in a bag and go. The quality is amazing and I really recommend getting yourself a copy if you haven’t yet! I am excited to see what else is released!

  8. Harry

    Ordered and received it within 3 days and it’s so much more than I though it would be! Great quality and a perfect addition for me as a beginner, nice layout and size. Would definitely look for more products in the future.

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