Combat Tracker Whiteboard for 5th Edition

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There’s lots of things to remember in combat. How much HP you have left, how long a spell has been active, notes to take, and status effects.

The Combat Tracker Whiteboard allows you to save your character sheets from getting overloaded. Quick, easy, and user friendly. You can stay on top of the fight.

Unlike your sheets of paper, this won’t bend or get ruined by a split drink. (Been there)

Also, comes with a whiteboard pen.

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This A5 whiteboard allows you to track many elements of battle super quick and easy. Avoid shuffling through all those papers, and maybe a small receipt you wrote reminders on.

Your whiteboard keeps things clean and simple. No more HP boxes clearly damaged from the amount of hits you’ve taken. Save it for the board.

Know what the stats are for your characters, make easy notes, and track how long a spell or effect has been active.

Combined with our Character Journal, you’ll save lots of space at the playing table and keep everything on track.

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